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Fishency CEO Flavie Gohin (right) & R&D Manager Emek Seyrek out on the field

Fishency CEO Flavie Gohin (right) & R&D Manager Emek Seyrek out on the field


Stavanger 04.05.2018

Arctic15 has announced technology startup Fishency as one of the Top 30 startups to participate in its Funding Program, which will be held in Helsinki later this month. 

The only Norwegian startup to make the cut, Fishency will be competing for an opportunity to take home a funding syndicate round right at the event, which will see more than 300 investors from across the globe.    

"I'm very proud of the team at Fishency. This opportunity came at a great time and could increase our speed to market significantly," said Flavie Gohin, co-founder and CEO of Fishency. 

Fishency has been running at full speed since its inception a little more than a year ago in the X2 Labs' program "Morgendagens Havbruk". In just nine months, they have successfully completed a full scale pilot and has been in product development since February. 

The early stage growth company now sees industry leads like Marine Harvest - the world's largest Atlantic salmon producer - on their advisory board, as well as former Regional Director of CHC Helicopter Service and professional investor Arne Roland as their Chairman of the Board.


Aquaculture innovation sees growth in the Nordics

In the past decade, the Nordic region has produced a significant number of technology startups - Spotify, Klarna, Otovo, No Isolation, and Supercell are examples of this new generation of Nordic tech companies. 

Arctic15 is doing a superb job of developing the next generation of Nordic tech superstars by bringing together players, investors and leaders from all over the ecosystem. Arctic15 is really the place to be this May.

"We are very very proud to see Fishency nominated as the only Norwegian startup in a very qualified Nordic group of 30. This is a big recognition and it also raises expectations for the entire company," said chairman Arne Roland. 

"The Nordic has not really seen any major tech startups coming out of the aquaculture industry, so it's a special recognition for Fishency to be nominated in this elite group." Roland added.  

Gohin at the test site

Gohin at the test site

A digital aqua revolution

"There is a digital transformation happening in the global aquaculture industry and we believe Fishency has every chance to take a leading role in this industry-wide transformation." said Gohin. 

As an integrated hardware and software company, Fishency represents a new breed of fast moving technology companies using machine learning, artificial intelligence, in-house software development and rapid prototyping to bring innovations to market faster. 

"We don't see Fishency as an aquaculture company, we really see it as a technology company actively shaping and creating new solutions. So I really hope the Nordic startup scene recognizes Fishency as a fast moving tech company," said Fishency board member Christian Rangen. 






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