Welcome to our Startup Studio! 



As the world explores new models for successful entrepreneurship, the Startup Studio is rapidly rising in popularity. Much like a startup factory, a startup studio aims to build several companies at the same time. 

For X2 Labs, the Studio is our answer to “What happens after hyper-accelerator program week 4?”. After 4 weeks of intense startup mojo, working perhaps 19 hours a day and pitching endlessly to investors and partners, a handful of teams go on to become Startups. In X2 Labs Studio startups work with their board and advisors on an aggressive growth strategy. 

The X2 Labs Studio is the next growth phase, designed to take you from Week 4 to your first solid revenue, your next accelerator program and towards international growth. 


What you get:

  • Shared office space; working side-by-side with like-minded entrepreneurs. 
  • Weekly check-ins with X2 Labs team 
  • Frequent talks, sessions and hacks on growth marketing, and investor pitches
  • Business development sessions with X2 Labs team or outside experts 
  • Training in core business skills, including pitches, sales, coffee brewing and killer presentations
  • Coaching and support in getting in to your next, international accelerator program
  • Most importantly, the foundation you need to rapidly grow and scale your startup

Where you'll find us: 

Siriskjeret 25 - 31, Stavanger. Here we are setting the stage for future growth. 

Would you like to join? Check out one of our 4-week hyper accelerator programs or simply say hi!