What Is X2 Labs?



We’ve called X2 Labs “A Startup Factory” because we develop startup teams to co-found companies with serious growth ambitions. - From day one; program participants, otherwise known as Startup Heroes, focus on solving real market challenges presented by corporations and organizations.

X2 Labs runs 4 week-long programs that address a range of themes in industries primed for growth, such as Digital Tourism, Food, Financial Tech, Digital Health, Blue Revolution, Ocean Space and more...  

Anyone can apply!

Founded in late 2016, we are already one of largest and most ambitious entrepreneurship programs in the Nordics, with a goal to successfully launch at least 50 new companies (And we’re well on our way!)

  • 10 Programs in Total
  • "Ocean Space" is the 4th program!
  • 15 Start-Up´s so far!

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It’s just fantastic of you to facilitate us in the way you do to make it possible for us to create our own work and create value in society.
— Alexander Olafsrud, Startup Hero and co-founder of ReadySteadyCrew

The X2 Vision



The X2 family of companies - X2 Labs, X2 Growth, X2 Capital, X2 Inno - is all about developing, launching and scaling successful companies. We create new business opportunities and new jobs in areas primed for international growth. We enable companies and organizations, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to work fast and serve real customer needs. Our unique combination of people, programs and partners are capable of driving fast-paced growth and transformation in Norway and beyond.

X2 Labs is able to solve problems and grasp challenges that we don’t have the capacity to handle alone. Their speed and energy is contagious.
— Gunnar Edwin Crawford, Senior Business Developer at Lyse.


Join us as a corporate partner and see how you can benefit from working with one of the Nordic’s most ambitious startup factories.


Why Are We Doing This?



Simple. We live in Stavanger – a region in transformation.

We believe the greater region will face disruptive change in the coming decade. We want to be a part of the solution. The future. - Pushing the region post-oil & gas, we believe Rogaland and the greater west coast region can be a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

To quote Torger Reve, ”...we are competing with Shanghai” – and that requires a different mindset, eco-system and innovative spirit than what has served us well for the past 30 years.

We at X2 Labs believe in the power of people. The power of working together. The power of the synergies that arise from diverse sets of skills and experiences. We have accomplished amazingness. Let’s do more.

The most aggressive startup program I’ve ever seen
— Sean Percival, Serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Investor