Got Questions?


What is X2 Labs?

We are inviting participants, corporate partners and investors to co-found new companies. Solve real problems, create new solutions, create a new company. Join an information session (follow us on Facebook for where & when) or apply to our next program. The X2 Labs Startup Factory is in Stavanger, Norway.

What is the program?

In 4-weeks you will meet your new team and learn about industry problems and entrepreneurship. We give you the tools to develop a solution with customer traction, to start a new company, and to create your new dream job! After week 4, this can become your new job, your new passion and hopefully your next profitable adventure.

What do I get?

Learn how great entrepreneurs work. Have fun. Work with other smart people. Build your network. Take part in new growth opportunities. And if you succeed - a company - and a job.

What do I have to bring/do?

You need to commit to 4 weeks of your time. You have to bring a laptop, your passion, energy, commitment and willingness to work. Work hard! We supply the program, the venue (in Stavanger, Norway), the facilitators, the company-building techniques, the global runway to our international network.

What am I expected to do?

First and foremost, you need to build a successful team. Next, you are going to have to talk to customers and partners. Our role-model Steve Blank calls it “Get the hell out of the building”. Our super-dude Elon Musk does it, when he “sells the car first, then tries to build it”. Our co-founder Christian Rangen calls it “first sell it, then build it”.

You are expected to work with your team to identify real, in-market problems. Once identified, you will build a company that attacks these problems and create a solution. We want you to think big, start small, move fast, iterate rapidly.

What does it cost?

It is free to attend the 4 week program. If you are a participant, all we ask is that you invest 4 weeks of your time (full-time), your energy and your passion. Bringing your can-do attitude, your diverse skill-set and personal network is also helpful. But really, it’s free to participate in the 4 week program.

Who is behind this?

A team of passionate entrepreneurs. Passionate accelerator activists and co-founders are Christian Rangen and Elisabeth Øvstebø, in-house Growth Hacker and co-founder Inger Hanne Vikshåland and Program Director Linn Skundberg Jensen.

But truly, we represent a network of global people driven to entrepreneurship and fast, accelerated business development.

Who will I meet?

You will meet – and work – with a diverse group of people. We are bringing together a wonderful combination of different skillsets and backgrounds. You will meet globally recognised fasilitators, industry experts and normal, smart, hardworking people with ambitions of creating something valueable that they can be proud of!

Can I bring my own ideas?

We are very focused on finding problems. Finding and solving near-market problems. Your ideas are important to us – and they might be just perfect, but let's start with the problem you're solving!

Do I get a salary?

We hope to see this grow into your dream job – with a competitive salary, but this is unlikely duting the startup phase. During the program nobody gets a salary. Most probably, you and your company will want to focus on building customers, marketing, products and generating cash flow. That’s when it’s time to consider salaries.

Our goal is to see you and your team co-build this into a rapidly growing, sustainable business. You, your team, X2 Labs will all share the ownership and build a company – together.

Will we get funding?

You and your team will pitch on day 5 and day 28. On the spot, you will get a yes/no and actual transfer of funds.

  • The actual sum of funding will depend on your needs, your pitch and your growth strategy.

Will I own parts of the company?

Yes, you will. All participants will be equal co-owners. Together, everyone will grow and build the company. Any exits, capital events or sale of the company will benefit everyone.

Can I join part-time?

Yes, you can. Jump in. You will probably want to quit your job and join full-time.

What if I already have a job?

Apply for a vacation, take a leave of absence, skip work, up to you! This will be infinitely more fun

What will I learn?

Tons. You will learn how to build and scale a company – in days rather than weeks or years. You will learn business model designs, lean startup, MVP’s, in-market testing, customer development, team work, investor presentations, pitches (but you will only pitch if you want to). You will learn – and love – how to build a real company.

What is the goal?

To co-create a portfolio of new companies with large growth ambitions and successful exits, creating a win-win for everyone. That’s our goal. What are yours?

Why are you doing this?

Simple. We live in Stavanger – a region in transformation. We believe the region will face disruptive change in the coming decade. We want to be a part of the solution. The future. We believe Rogaland and the greater west coast region can be a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

To quote Torger Reve, ”...we are competing with Shanghai” – and that requires learning a new mindset and a strong eco-system.

What is an accelerator program?

Thank you for asking. This is a good question. Accelerator programs are short, intense programs to help with company growth. The uniqueness in X2 Labs accelerator program is that companies are created from scratch. No team, no idea, no company. In 4 weeks we develop customer validated solutions and start companies with delivery focused teams.

I`m employed. Can I join?

Yes, just do it.

I`m on dagpenger. Can I join?

Please talk to your NAV contact and let´s take it from there. If you require documentation that you have been excepted as a participant.

I`m just 15 (or 70). Can I join?

Anyone can join, seriously. Age is just a number.

I`m a foreigner. Can I join?

Yes, please do. Our working language is English and Norwegian, and we love Google Translate. Best if you have a norwegian work permit.

I work in a company. How can we be a part of the team?

We would love to have you join from a “corporate”. We are passionate about connecting large and small, old and new companies to become unlikely partners. Bring your partners in crime, your project team, your new venture staff, your innovation team, your future business developers and your sales team. Contact us at

I want to join as a corporate partner.

Great. We help companies collaborate with startups to create new value. Contact us at for more information.

I want to invest.

Early phase startups are high risk (potentially) high reward investment opportunitites. Contact for more information.

What happens after 4 weeks?

After week 4, we want to put you and your new company on our global runway and help secure financing for the early phases of growth. We will guide, coach and mentor you in what to do next. But one thing is sure, you will be racing towards revenue and early customer traction. We want to help you succeed in scaling your company – fast.

What if we fail?

Statistically, most startups will not grow to be successful companies on the first try. So we try again, and again. If you and your team decide to stop, then try pivoting to a new idea, a new problem or a new customer segment. If all else fails, and you want to stop, at least you will walk away with tons of new knowledge – and better equipped for the next program.

What about X2 Innovation Center – the corporate accelerator?

Yes sir, that’s our sister company and we work fast to connect “corporates” and “startups”. X2 Innovation Center works with established companies to run in-house accelerator programs. We help design, plan and run innovation programs to launch new growth ventures in new industries or new markets.

We have worked with solar energy, electric cars, digital health, ocean space and smart cities. We are actively inviting companies that want to find new growth, explore new business models and run internal programs to launch new business areas in days, not weeks or months. Learn more at