Smart Cities Program




What do we mean by Smart City? 

Smart City is such a broad concept, which is why we have chosen to call it “Smart City – Smart Everything”. We need better ways to gather and interpret data about our society and a more effective way of communication with the inhabitants. Smart City is basically an upgrade of the society.



The results of our Smart City accelerator

Our Smart City accelerator program kicked off on 21th of November 2016. 120 startup heroes, staff members, corporates, municipalities and supporters put in 14 000 hours of work to make this happen. Lyse, Nordic Edge, SUS, Zaptec, Nordic Smart Buildings, Future HomeInnovasjon NorgeSandnes, Time, Gjesdal, RandabergEigersund and Strand kommune contributed with their knowledge and their challenges.  Four new companies were started to deliver smart solutions in a changing market. Check out our portfolio for more details about the startups. Thank you!