X2 to speak at Made In Norway conference

90 days ago we didn't even exist. This Thursday we are honored to share the stage with many of Norway's largest companies, the Prime Minister Erna Solberg and a range of international experts in speaking, discussing and collaborating on new Norwegian growth industries.

Our speaker, Linn Skundberg Jensen, used to be an oil & gas engineer - to small degree she still is... but today she spends her time as one of our lead innovators at X2 Labs, leading a gigantic effort to build new, Norwegian growth companies.

The goal? Showcase that it is possible to successfully launch 50+ new companies in a year, all done in a country in transformation.

At NHO's annual conference 2017, Made In Norway, Linn will share her personal story on transformation, away from oil & gas into some of the growth industries of the future.

She will present what has been called "one of the most ambitious entrepreneurship programs in the Nordics", and show how we can create successful collaboration between corporates & startups.

Check it out, or follow the live-stream Thursday at 10:00, at

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