MultiD – Hassle Free Resource Planning for Managers

X2 Labs just completeted our first accelerator program, Smart City, which resulted in the creation of 4 companies and 19 jobs in 28 days. We’re really excited about each of them, and what they’ve accomplished in just 4 short weeks. Over the coming weeks we’ll be featuring each of these companies, so you can get to know them. The first one out is MultiD. X2 Labs interviewed founders Elisabeth, Noria, Alexander, Thomas and Ramkumar.

From left: Elisabeth Wethe, Noria Badakhshi, Alexander Olafsrud, Thomas Loland and Ramkumar Chandrasekaran.

From left: Elisabeth Wethe, Noria Badakhshi, Alexander Olafsrud, Thomas Loland and Ramkumar Chandrasekaran.

What problem are you solving?

Managers often spend too much time chasing resources, time that could be spent on things of higher importance.

What’s your solution?

 We're creating a tool for hassle free resource and staffing planning for managers.
With an intuitive and web based workforce planner, we will automate and digitize staffing processes. The planner will facilitate a digital strong line of communication between manager and employee. This will ensure a safe and automagic process of replacing the employee in case of sickness or other incidents preventing the employee from being able to work. The same process will work for ad-hoc staffing needs, sudden increase of work or if you simply want to include your staff in the forward workforce planning.

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Who are your customers?

Our solution is especially targeted towards businesses where all or some of the staffing is shift based. This opens up a global market of restaurants, hotels, shops, kindergartens, factories, health sector, customer service organizations, NGO´s etc. The MultiD team has had many interactions with businesses within the above mentioned markets and there is a significant interest for our solution. We already have two paying customers, Scandic and The Children’s house.

Recent & next milestones

4 crazy weeks of understanding a problem, creating a solution and learning about our customers has led to two paying pilot customers, a monetized green light from investors and an awesome top salesman as a board member. The next milestones will be to reach 20 pilot customers, receive more funding, be accepted for the TINC program and take the solution from pilot to product. Within the end of 2017, we target to have 300 customers in Norway and 100 customers globally.

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