Slush 2016 blew our minds

X2 Labs visited Slush, the largest tech conference in Europe, and met with accelerators, investors and partners – and the crown prince of Norway.

Sean Shanor, CEO of X2 Labs, was delighted with the way X2 was received. “The interest in X2 was phenomenal. The X2 accelerated pipeline and deal flow is truly unique, especially in a European context. Faces light up when I explain how we assemble awesome teams that start solving real market from on day one, and pitch to investors already on day 5.”  Shanor is pleased with the opportunities created for X2 at Slush. “We were able to connect with investors, partners, and other accelerators, and are setting up the framework for European collaboration moving forward.”

X2 Labs secured an invitation to a networking lunch with Crown Prince Håkon of Norway for one of our Slush competition winners, Susanne Bjerga Todnem. “The networking lunch with the Crown Prince and The Royal Norwegian Embassy was not only inspirational, it opened doors for me and my business,” says Todnem. The entire Slush experience far exceeded her expectations. “The Slush conference blew my mind. Seeing all the great ideas and cool business models that startups at SLUSH had, made me realize that I want to create something just as awesome. I'm very grateful!”

X2 Labs Slush competition winner Alexandre Teixera also found Slush very inspiring. “During my career, I have participated in many conventions, exhibitions and conferences but Slush caught me by surprise,” explains Teixera. “Slush is a kind of platform to support and promote start-ups in which you can feel real people engaged in bringing a real sense of purpose.”  The openness and warmth of the attendants also made a strong impression. “I think that I found more collaboration between companies than competition,” says Teixera. 

Teixera is very appreciative of X2 Labs for making it possible for him to attend. “Thank you very much X2 Labs for this great opportunity. This trip made me realize my true potential that I need to grasp, I was really inspired by the people I met, that like me are full of dreams and ideas,” says Teixera.


X2 Labs