Join us - create 10+ new startups in the offshore fish industry of the future

February 13th we launch Norway's first 4-week hyper-accelerator program to create 10+ new startups in the area of The Future of Fish Farming. We would like to invite you to join us 


By 2050, the Norwegian government is aiming to multiply Norway's offshore fish production by a factor of 5. This can't be done by simply following today's thinking. We need new ideas, new perspectives, new people and new startups. At X2 Labs, we want to build many of these startups - and we want you to join us. We start in a few weeks. 

Innovation ahead

 The Offshore fish industry is being shaped by a number of forces. New firms, industrial interest, and our political leadership are all seeing the rise of the new fish farming industry. This means innovation and this means new growth opportunities. 

We think this is the perfect opportunities for new startsups too. In fact, we are launching Norway's first 4-week hyper-accelerator program to create, build and launch 10+ new startups for the offshore fish industry. 

This could be a hardware company, a software company, perhaps a robotics company or a fish health or even a marketing company. There are 1000's of problems to solve and opportunities to find in the Blue Revolution.


Join a rapidly growing family of startups

X2 Labs is still in pilot mode, but rapidly gaining national and international recognition. Our Program Director (and Ninja) Linn Jensen was invited to share the stage with the Norwegian Prime Minister, Statoil CEO, Telenor CEO and a number of leading Norwegian companies to share her vision of the future of innovation. Linn stood out as a young leader with a strong vision for new growth and innovation. 

At the NHO conference, Linn also spoke about X2 Labs companies quickly growing into a large family of startups, all collaborating and helping each other grow. Now, we are launching our effort to help build new startups in the Blue Revolution. Make it through four weeks, and you will be building your new dream job. 


What can I expect? 

You can expect to meet and work with a large group of like-minded people, eager to innovate, run fast and work very hard to create new companies. Some of them will be former engineers, some will have years of experience in the offshore industry, some will have no experience, some will be hackers, some will be students, it will be an amazing mix of people. 

You will be working very, very closely with a large group of highly experienced facilitators, business developers, advisors and investors. We all work together, to co-create new companies. 

You can expect a lot of learning, a lot of fun, a bit of frustration (that's a part of learning), but if you make it through 4 weeks, you will be co-founders and shaping your new dream job. 


What do you expect? 

We expect you, and all participants to bring your brains, your energy, your time and your experience. What kind of experience you bring is less important, you will be a part of a small team and we need diverse backgrounds. 


Want to learn more? 

Take a look at our "open position page" or simply e-mail us directly. Got more questions, visit our FAQ page. Ready to apply, jump onto our application page at F6S.

Hope to see you in February.