Silicon Valley investor and advisor Sean Percival joins X2 Labs

Sean Percival, former partner in 500 Startups, joins X2 Labs as Accelerator Director and Partner in order to push the pace of launching and scaling startups in Norway.

Relocating to the Nordics

Having spent the better part of 2 years in the Nordics, Sean Percival decided to relocate to Norway full time. “We are delighted to attract global talent like Sean to a region in transformation”, says X2 Labs Chairman and Co-founder Christian Rangen.

On a mission to transform the startup scene

X2 Labs is just Percival’s speed. The Stavanger-based hyper-accelerator program aims to build great companies in weeks rather than years. Teams are presented with specific challenges faced by government, business and society. They have five days to formulate solutions and three more weeks to develop their product or service for launch. Successful teams will have the opportunity to co-own their companies and create their own jobs.

 “I’ve never seen a program this aggressive and ambitious outside Silicon Valley. I’m delighted to get a chance to join this band of entrepreneurs,” says Sean Percival.

For Percival, who has been pushing Norwegian entrepreneurs to adopt the kind of urgency he saw in Silicon Valley, the focus is to get product market fit, push to launch and grow fast.

 “Kudos to the Stavanger region,” Percival said. “It’s exciting to me they are being bold.”

X2 Labs Chairman Christian Rangen called Percival a superstar on a team that is “hell-bent on transforming hearts, minds, hopes and nations,” through the fledgeling program.

Percival became a fan of Norway through his role as partner in Silicon Valley’s global venture capital seed fund 500 Startups. He even invested in 26 Nordic companies (15 based in Norway). In this tiny, oil-rich nation he sees a highly educated population of early technology adopters with an evolved social welfare system.

“I want to bring Silicon Valley best practices to Norway,” Percival said. “With X2 Labs I can work with a team that likes to move fast.”

About X2 Labs

X2 Labs develops startup teams to co-found companies with global growth ambitions which solve real market challenges.  X2 Labs 4-week hyper-accelerator programs address a range of themes from industries primed for growth, including Smart Cities, Digital Tourism, Food, Fintech and Digital Health.

Contact information:

Christian Rangen,, tel: +47 924 15 949

Sean Percival:, tel: +1 650-206-9445


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