Curious about how can we derive clean, renewable energy from the power of waves, currents or tides? - Or the future of transport at sea? - Or how to mange aquatic resources in ways that leads to more clean drinking water, increased food security, better crop irrigation? Want to explore ways we save our oceans from overfishing, climate change, acidification and pollution? Or perhaps look at how our oceans can save us? 

The oceans of the world are vast and holds the last unexplored expands of our planet. The long Norwegian coast has shaped our culture and the prosperity of our society and it is the single largest natural resource we have to build our future on.

– Such riches demand a strategy which emphasizes high, yet sustainable activity to continue value creation and employment growth. This while simultaneously taking advantage of the knowledge and know-how we as a nation has gained through different industries working in the ocean space. Industries like; oil & gas, shipping, fish-farming, traditional fishing, wind-power, other energy creation and in a longer perspective, even mineral mining on the bottom of the sea and more.  

The common challenge all industries share working in and with the ocean space is that they need to develop world leading technology!  

- This to continue growth, while getting rid of pollution and keep the development sustainable for future generations.

Norwegian industry have proven that they can deliver tomorrows solutions and utilize experience transfer from other industries working, both within and outside the ocean space.

This is the framework for this X2 Lab´s 4th Program: “Ocean Space”. 

Are you ready to make a difference? 

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