4-week accelerator programs for you to launch and scale 50+ companies in a year. Built around 10 themes.

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We believe deeply in “Corporates and Startups”. We would like to invite you to join our mission of Transforming a Nation by connecting startups and corporates to create the technologies, business models, companies and industries of the future.

Four Different Partnership Paths:



Meet early-stage investors

Listen to hundreds of investor pitches

Get inspiration and ideas for your future growth areas

Office space at our X2 Inc building starting mid-January

25% discount on X2 Innovation Center corporate accelerator programs


Program Partner

Work with our program team to maximize your strategic goals

Early-investment opportunities for X2 Labs startups, within a specific program

Send up to 5 employees to participate as a team in one program

1 year office space under our roof, with our mentors and team ready to scaleup your business in our X2 Growth program

Hands-on strategy and marketing implemenatation based on your business needs, both locally and globally


Corporate Partner

Work with our team to develop your future growth strategy

First right of refusal on acquisitions

Design your own accelerator program around a desired growth area

Maximized your strategic impact, locally and globally

In addition to the benefits of the Program Partner

Price upon request

Founding Partner

Long-term Strategic Partnership

Send 10 employees/ 2 teams to any of our accelerator programs

Involve 3 employees who will learn the process, tools & programs

Work for 1 week on any strategic challenge/growth area with us

In addition to the benefits of the Corporate Partner

Price Upon Request


Join us as a corporate partner and see how you can benefit from working with one of the Nordic’s most ambitious startup factories.


Creating Exponential Growth In Future Industries


We believe, at least in our part of the world, that our legacy of heavy offshore engineering mixed with digital technologies will merge to create the foundation for a new wave of economic growth. We have to preserve and maintain the past with its technical history and world class competencies while we also act and aggressively embrace the new global market opportunities that arise. We believe that the interaction between heavy industrial expertise and digital technologies, exponential business models and opportunities will arise.

This includes robotic subsea systems for mining minerals, diamonds and gold, advanced industrial size offshore fish farming solutions, highly advanced drones and robotic autonomous subsea systems, machines learning artificial intelligence, drone ships, and fully autonomous offshore operations. They also include smart cities, a looming clean energy revolution, digital health, and of course deep space exploration and space mining. These are all growth industries of tomorrow. And we want to explore them together with you.


Which 4-week programs align best with your growth ambitions?